Portugal Startup & Business Visa

Immigration Visa to Portugal

Startup, investment and entrepreneurship visa to Portugal for Non-EU/EEA/Swiss Citizens

The immigration law in Portugal allows temporary residency, permanent residency and citizenship to Portugal (and EU) for a variety of business groups. One can apply for residency in Portugal through any of the following categories:


  1. 1. A permit applied for by a retiree, a passive income earner or a high net-worth individual (also known as a “Passive Income Visa” or “Type I Visa”)
  2. 2. A permit applied for to study, do a non-remunerated internship or do voluntary work.
  3. 3. The EU Blue Card, which is granted to highly-qualified professionals having a highly-paid contract of employment, except where the applicant already holds a right to reside in Portugal.
  4. 4. A permit applied for by a qualified minister of an established religion.
  5. 5. The permit to carry out a professional activity in Portugal as an employee, a researcher, a teacher at a higher education institution or a highly qualified professional.
  6. 6. The permit to carry out a professional activity as a freelancer or to set up a business as an entrepreneur.
  7. 7. The so-called “Startup Visa”, which may be applied for by an entrepreneur, or by a group of up to 5 entrepreneurs, intending to develop an entrepreneurial and/or innovative business in Portugal under an agreement with an accredited Portuguese incubator.


We could help you to plan, apply and obtain your desired visa and immigration to Portugal if you fall in the entrepreneurship, investment or freelancer/professional category (lines 1, 6 and 7 in the above category list). Please read through the Introduction to Immigration to Portugal by our legal partner Mrs. Raquel Viana Gay and contact us if need more information.



Suitable for



Startup Visa 

Startup Visa is a residence visa for non-EU-Schenghen startup founders
who want to be part of one of the fastest developing startup communities in Europe.
The process is managed by IAPMEI and involves the National Network of Incubators spread out throughout the whole territory which ensures your business will kick off next to a community of entrepreneurs already hacking in the ecosystem
and acquainted with all the in’s and out’s of the Portuguese and European markets.
We believe your knowledge and capacity for innovation is essential to boost the development of the Portuguese startup ecosystem.)
Startup Portugal

Golden Visa

This is Europe’s most popular such program. It combines a relatively low investment amount requirement (starting at €500,000) with minimal stay requirements (7 days during the first year and 14 days during each subsequent 2-year period). The investment can be done on residential or commercial real estate.
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To satisfy the immigration laws of Portugal, under this category, you need to provide evidence that you and your spouse could sustain a living in Portugal, and prove that you can earn at least 1,500 Euro per month from financial and investment resources outside Portugal. Examples of such candidate would be:
  • High net-worth (HNW) individuals and investors who earn passive income from bond, dividend, rental properties or other dividend paying investment
  • Professionals who earn income through distance-working e.g. software engineers that work remotely and fulfill offshore contracts
  • Oil and gas and any other skilled workers who work on a rotational basis
  • Retirees (receive pension income from other countries)
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A favorable tax regime for new residents in Portugal

People who move to Portugal and were not tax-resident in this country during at least the previous 5 years, may apply for “non-habitual resident” (NHR) status. This is a regime that grants a new resident of Portugal a 10-year tax exemption on most non-Portugal-sourced
types of income, whether or not they are effectively taxed at source, and whether or not, under a double taxation agreement (DTA), tax at source is reduced (e.g. on dividends, interest or royalties) or even eliminated (e.g. on pension income derived from private sector


Disclaimer: The above description about the Portuguese Startup Visa by no means is a legal or immigration advise. Please contact us or refer to Portugal Immigration web portals for latest updates on immigration and visa to Portugal.