Startup FAQ

Startup FAQ


We want to send you an executive summary. What should we cover in it?

In our very first communication, we intend to frame the opportunity. Please provide information about:

  • Who are the founders, or founding team?
  • What big problem does it solve? For Whom?
  • How big is the market opportunity?
  • What stage are you at?
  • What is unique about your startup?
  • Do you have an MVP to demonstrate?
  • Have you tested the market? Any customers? Any revenue?
  • Who are your competitors, and how your startup can do better/different?


In which startups has Tuneup Ventures invested? Who are your partners?

We have invested in few startups in Iran. Due to confidentiality reasons, we cannot disclose the name and entity of our partners and the startups we have invested in.

Our startup has global potential as we have an established customer base outside Iran. How could you help expand our startup outside Iran?

We could help you establish your startup in the United Kingdom. Our London office will do your legal establishment, IP and patent, marketing and strategy and other steps so you could compete on a global landscape.

Do you invest in other sectors such as agriculture and renewable energies?

No. Our focus is on the tech sector only.

Do you invest in startups that their teams are not located in Tehran?

The geographical target of our investment in Iran is Tehran and other major cities.

Can I pursue other investors while in touch with Tuneup Ventures?

Certainly. Investors usually have focus niches and priorities, so the best investor for your startup is the one that has a good understanding of your target market and resonates with your product. We encourage you to contact as many investors as you can to save time and increase your chance of partnering with the perfect investor.

What sectors do you invest in?

Our preferred niches are:

  • e-commerce
  • financial tech (fintech)
  • mobility
  • sharing economy

What is our investment process and how long does it take?

Our investment process entails few calls (usually on skype) with the founders and the team, deep understanding of the investment opportunity (through the information collected through our investor’s deck and one or two face to face meeting. We will complete our due diligence and if the opportunity is suitable for our portfolio we will start releasing the finding. This process may take few weeks to a couple of months.

Do you invest on ideas?

Our short answer is no. It takes more than an idea to build a successful startup. You as the founder need to be able to get a team who share your vision, an MVP and few customers that confirm that your idea and the MVP have merit.


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